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Our manufacturing facilities utilizes the most current and up to date assembly and wiring methods available. All of our wired products are reviewed by our engineering department to check for errors and omissions, eliminating the need and expense of re-work.

Enclosure modification and painting are a part of what we do. Our electrostatic paint system can apply a finish that competes with the look and quality of expensive baked finishes.

Our material inventory permits a fast turn around and lowers manufacturing costs.

Wire markers that we use will meet or exceed your expectations. From vinyl adhesive wrap around labels, to indelibly marked heat shrinkable labels; we can meet the most demanding label requirements.

Our trained quality control team tests every system assembled and wired at Tri-Tech Research Inc. Systems will always receive a point-to-point test followed by a power on test and device operation tests. Upon successful quality assurance tests, the control package receives a nameplate that identifies date of manufacture, connection voltage and system power requirements, print design reference numbers and our seal of conformity.

From our purchasing department and it's rigid receiving procedure to our shipping department and their skills, we will ensure that you product is properly protected and carried appropriately.

We take great pride in the methods we use to ensure high quality products.


Control Panel Builder | Factory Automation | Control Systems Integrators

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